Are you ready for a unique and history filled accomodaiton holiday experience?

Located in the heart of Kaleiçi the oldest historical area of Antalya, on the historical Mermeli Street on an area of 2000m2 and it is a historical facility created by restoring and bringing together historical marsions in the garden.

Our facility has managed to bring the boutique hotel concept together with modern architecture by restoring the historical structure and has became one of the remorkable facilities of the area.

Life is full of unique beauties if you know now to see them! Just l,ke a love! Unique and colorful…

History & NaturePuding Hotels

Explore the empire that was founded as the Homeland of Attolos and incorporated into the Roman Empire. (Joined to the Roman territory by the commander Servilius Isauricus in 77 BC )

Accomodation ExperienceSpecial For You...

With 5 different room options, we offer a perfect accommodation experience for your needs. Pool, Spa Center, Mini Fitness Area, Turkish Bath, Restaurant and more…

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We are aware that you have come here for a unique holiday experience. We offer a holiday experiene where you can witness the beauties of natüre and easily reach the heart of entertainment on foot.